My perfect dream day with my kids.....a morning of playing in the snow!!!  Oh, it was so cold.   We didn't last longer than 30 minutes.  It reminds me of snow play days on 500....snowball fights, snow angel making, fort building, sled riding, hot chocolate drinking, innocent days of childhood.  I am thankful for all the snow that has fallen and continues to because I am forced to put being an adult on the back burner and embrace my inner child.  It doesn't happen frequently enough!

no camera cord

I have some awesome pictures I wanted to share with you but when I went to upload them I didn't have my camera cord.  Where is it you ask?  North Carolina at the in laws.  It got forgotten there when we were there for Thanksgiving.  So just  know that we had an awesome, memory filled, spectacular Thanksgiving!  Which I will share more with you once the camera cord arrives with the in laws this Friday.


we are still alive, happy and healthy.  I will blame the lack of blogging on my laptop.  the keys don't like to keep up with my rapid speed of typing.  maybe it is time to purchase a new one.  I check email, make purchases and check blogs on my smartphone so the laptop doesn't see much use these days.

bee will be 18 months tomorrow and is starting to talk more, doodle is 4 now and never going to school, swee is enjoying his bowling league and is excelling at school, and priss is 10, opinionated, dancing four competitive routines this year and loves her teacher.  Jason is constantly busy with work, helping coach press's basketball team and still serving in the bishopric of our ward.  I am once again taking care of the twins, trying to craft when there is time, playing taxi driver and referee all the time but couldn't imagine life any other way.

as we enter the wonderful holiday season i am excited to capture our memories and be more diligent about recording them.  here's to doing better!

one of those too

I love reading other people's blogs and I admit that I become slightly annoyed when I hop over to their blog and find it hasn't been updated for like MONTHS!  Well, after doing just that I realized on the list of blogs they follow there was mine stating it had been over two months since I last updated mine.  So here comes the shortened, super condensed version of our last two months...there is an abundance of pictures so be prepared!

Baseball continued through June

She participated in her spring recital with grandparents present.

He celebrated father's day with doodle going to the doctor (strep throat).

Doodle took swim lessons and had one of the girls that mom watched as his teacher

Honey had a birthday and we celebrated with her, of course!

 Wrigley field was on the summer to do list and the Cubs lost once again

We took the kids to navy pier.  Ask swee about his experience there some time.

His baseball season finished up and he was bummed to have it over.

I got a new ride.  After 13 years together the Expedition threw in the towel.  I am now the PROUD driver of a minivan.  Never thought I would be saying that phrase.

We traveled to Virginia Beach to watch Priss dance at Nationals.  Her dances did very well and she had a lot of fun.  VB is not going to be a place we must visit again.  Way, way, way to crowded on the beaches for us.

He learned to boogie board.  Enjoyed it and was very good at it.

The sand didn't bother her in the least.  She ate sand, sat in the stroller, and chewed on toys. Oh, she also decided to walk while we were with the grandmas and a grandpa.  Show-off!!

He loved playing in the sand and having Jason hold him while they jumped the waves.  There were some HUGE waves in the Atlantic!

 She is not beach girl but would rather have a pool and get to go shelling.  I guess she really is my daughter.
 We went as a family to the Orlando Temple grounds and took my Mom along.  The kids love going to see the temples where we travel and I love getting to see them light up when they catch a glimpse of Moroni on the spire.
The hubby with his parents and older brother.  I love that we get to have vacations with his entire family.  Thanks for putting up with our 4 crazy kids and wanting to do it again before it is even over.

She got a makeover at the Bibbidi Boddidi Boutique in Downtown Disney.
Her final one.

Picture with the castle...a must...Doodle not looking at the camera...always!

He wanted Goofy ears instead of Mickey.
She got Minnie.

The pirates joined our crazy crew thanks to the Pirate League at Pirates of the Caribbean.  Uncle B is always game for some fun.  When he closed his eyes it looked like he was still looking at you...errie (sp).

Doodle's first roller coaster....loved it so much! Had his hands up in the air.

Fireworks over Cinderella's castle.
Blankets...check, one awake and one asleep...check.  Beetle had already taken two naps throughout the day so it was Doodle's turn for some shut eye.
Since getting home the middle of July we have...sent Jason back to work, found out teachers for 5th and 1st grades, bought school supplies, had company visit (Jason's mom, brother and grandfather), learned how to make homemade applesauce thanks to Jason's brother, celebrated a double digit birthday with family...not the actual birthday yet and hung out at the pool.  Oh, yeah, Swee got braces.  Now we have two kids in braces and probably will for several years now.  Growing up is for the birds but as my Mom beats the alternative!!

Another one bites the dust

Yes, these two have finished another year of school.  Fourth grade and first grade came to a close yesterday.  They also got to have field day as a fun send off for the school year. 


She participated in her school's talent show.  Students were allowed to do any talent they wanted...she chose to sing "Touch the Sky" from the movie Brave.  She rocked it!  Way to go Sis Girl!

The speed of light

Our pretty little princess was an animal when it came time to eat her cupcake.  She didn't waste anytime getting into the icing but never really wanted any of the cake.  She continues to bring great joy to our family and all those who come into contact with her.  She truly moves as her own pace and has recently taken to pouting when she doesn't get her way.  I feel truly blessed and know that our family is complete since she joined our family.
We love you Beetle!

Baseball begins

He is having a wonderful playing baseball this year.  There are kids from his class on his team and he is making new friends.  His coach is awesome and realizes the boys are just K-2, and has even put parents in their place when scolding their children over a messed up play. 
He even has a really great batting average and just might hold the record of RBIs for his team.  Just last night at his first at bat the bases were loaded and he drove 2 runs in.
What makes this baseball season so fun is that he LOVES playing!


9 1/2 years

7 years

3 1/2 years

 10 1/2 mo

Family from WA

the 3girl cousins

Honey with 7 of the grandkids

missing three kids but oldest to 2nd youngest here

the double digit kids this year

the girls minus 1

Priss and aw

Doodle and Swee with cw, bw and gw
This weekend was great.  The cousins arrived on Friday and we spent every moment possible with them.  Hours of playing outside, riding the golf kart, eating, shopping, bonding, laughing, and making memories.  Nothing fancy or out of this world occurred while they were here but it was wonderful to see them all together.  The girls enjoyed each other like no one fights or drama.  It was wonderful!  The boys were great together..a couple of issue moments but nothing like the past.  Everyone shared and played well together.  It was very hard for my kids to leave for school this morning after having to say goodbye to them last night.  A year is a long time to be away from someone you love and it is especially long to a child.  I am grateful to have had these days with them and would love to have had more.  It is amazing to see your children interact with your siblings children.  I wish it was more frequent but I will treasure when it does happen.  Love you Wall family and can't wait till Swee's baptism to have you back again!